About Us

Tennessee Connections is an official publication of the Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association and is available to the customers of participating TMEPA systems. If you are a customer of a participating utility, you are automatically enrolled to receive a copy. There are currently no separate or individual subscriptions available.

What is the frequency?
Tennessee Connections is published quarterly.

What is the purpose of Tennessee Connections?
To educate TMEPA customers with a unified voice about the issues of importance to them and their power provider.

What is Farm Flavor Media’s relationship with TMEPA?
Farm Flavor Media, a division of Journal Communications Inc., publishes Tennessee Connections for participating members of TMEPA.

Why should a system become a participant?
The benefits of participating in Tennessee Connections:
* Customer loyalty
* Unified voice on the issues (potential for 2 million lobbyists!)
* Keep your customer informed on your programs and services with a local insert spotlighting your system
* Give energy saving tips to your customers
* Develop better retention of the information your system puts out through this true magazine format (spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down)
* Give your customers something positive to remember you by – something besides a bill
* Reach more people with your message because the magazine tends to have a longer “shelf life” than a newsletter or bill insert

Which TMEPA utility systems currently provide Tennessee Connections to their customers?
Customers of the following systems receive Tennessee Connections: Brownsville Utility Department, Clarksville Department of Electricity, Dickson Electric System, Gallatin Department of Electricity, Humboldt Utilities, Jellico Electric & Water Systems, Lewisburg Electric System, McMinnville Electric System, Ripley Power & Light Co., Sparta Electric System, Trenton Light & Water Department, Tullahoma Utilities Board, Union City Electric System and Weakley County Municipal Electric System.

How can a system sign up?
Contact Robin Robertson, Integrated Media Manager, at (800) 333-8842, or e-mail her for more information.

Where do you get your event information?
Due to the high volume of reader mail, we cannot accept unsolicited events for the calendar section. We receive all of our events from the Tennessee Tourism Department. You are welcome to contact them for inclusion at (615) 741-7994 or online. We are also not able to include all of the events in every issue, so we request that you tell them you would specifically like to be in our magazine. However, the only way to guarantee inclusion in our magazine is to purchase an ad.